[OPE-L:6705] Re: RE: Internal Discussion Document

From: Ian Hunt (Ian.Hunt@flinders.edu.au)
Date: Sun Mar 10 2002 - 22:56:01 EST

Dear Alan,

Not only Jerry but the list needs you , and not because it is dying but
because you and people working within your framework have a lot to
contribute. I have supported (off list) the suggestion that Andrew K return
to the list for the same reason, no matter how abrasive he may seem at
times. It would be a pity if a bit of gratuitous conspiring - indicating
sectarianism as others have said - led to your withdrawal. I think the
professional standards of the list have in general been high and it is
unclear to me that this is a gross exception. Unless I have misunderstood
earlier posts, Jerry thought he had permission to do what he liked with
your message, and I don't see any threat to your security that you could
not handle,
>   I    request that I be removed from the list Neither I nor any
>professional person    can accept the risk to their security of
>uncontrolled circulation of private    material.       I    request that
>Jerry, as coordinator, for the same reason, ask the list to cease    this
>discussion..       I    request the archive coordinator to remove all
>references to this    correspondence from the archives, again for the same
>reason.       Alan    

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