[OPE-L:6697] length of posts

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 17:39:15 EST

Mike L wrote in [6692]:

   >     ., If anyone is interested in my paper, which explores 
the concept of a 'communist globalisation'  as a basis for 
critiquing capitalist globalisation, I can send it on. It's only 
3000 words, and I thought about attaching it (after all these 
months of silence, it's not much on a daily basis!), but this 
would violate our usual practice. <

There are no list rules about the word or byte length of
posts.   So far a single commonsense practice has
emerged for everyone:  just use your best judgment. 
E.g. if  you think that a longer piece will be of interest to 
listmembers, please send.  If you think that it won't
be of interest to most members, then you can note
that you can send it to individual subscribers on 

Sometimes, in the case of a *very* long post, it is
helpful for the reader to break it up into more than 
one post.   

3000 words shouldn't be a problem for anyone's
mailbox, imo.

In solidarity, Jerry 

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