[OPE-L:6696] Re: Re: Internal Discussion Document

From: Steve Keen (s.keen@uws.edu.au)
Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 16:07:23 EST

Mike wrote in part that

"Of particular concern, though, is the realisation that there are people 
out there who are viewing periods of inactivity and the non-involvement of 
lurkers on the list as victories!"

I'm not convinced of that interpretation, and I don't want to get in to a 
discussion about it, but as a sometimes active member who has been lurking 
for ages, I feel a need to explain my current inactivity and also to 
comment on the management and vitality of this list.

On the latter point, I well remember some of the flame wars that occurred 
frequently on the old unmoderated Marxism list, and I believe Jerry 
deserves praise for the near complete absence of these on OPE-L, and the 
manner in which he has tried to inject discussion points based on issues 
and theories whenever the list has lulled slightly.

On the former, like Mike I'm busy elsewhere; my book Debunking Economics 
has led to a huge amount of subsequent work, and I was also in Romania with 
lousy internet access for 2 months, during which time I simply deleted all 
discussion list posts. For the next two weeks, my book is being discussed 
on the Austrian list, then I'm overseas again for another 2 weeks so 
there's no chance of a return to activity for some time.

But I still maintain an interest in this list, even though as you all know 
my interpretation of Marx is substantially different to all probably other 
members of OPE-L--actives and lurkers.

In conclusion, I would plead with those on all side who have perhaps 
engaged in some off-list conflict to try not to make the Life of Brian read 
like a documentary rather than a comedy.

If you don't remember it, in the movie the numerous revolutionary groups in 
Israel spent their time sniping at each other rather than fighting the 
Romans. At one point, two groups--the People's Revolutionary Front of Judea 
and the Jedean People's Front--bumped into each other as they were both 
independently sneaking off to try to assassinate Pontius Pilate.

A brawl broke out, and Brian tried to stop it by shouting "Comrades! 
Shouldn't we unite against the common enemy?" In unison, all the others 
said "The Revolutionary People's Front of Judea?".

When the brawl had died down, the Romans--who had been standing off-stage 
resignedly watching the whole thing--casually arrested the survivors.


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