[OPE-L:6676] RE: *Internal Discussion Document Available*

From: Alan Freeman (a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Mar 08 2002 - 10:23:35 EST

Jerry proposes an unbelievably retrograte step. No-one of any professional
status can possibly participate in a list in which private correspondence is
circulated. It is already a major violation of professional confidence that
Jerry has cited from a second private letter which I never gave him any
permission to circulate.

Quite apart from anything else it is a complete violation of Jerry's own
principle that discussion on list members takes place offlist. This has
always seemed to me a reasonably sensible principle precisely because it
prevents a discussion on questions of theory descending into personal
charges and accusations - which, everyone keeps saying, is what we want to
move on from. The whole point is that once one initiates or retails a public
charge against an individual, one starts the downhill process.

Exactly the same principle applies to the publication of a frank but private
exchange of views in which individuals may well be discussed.

I am perfectly willing to supply the letter and discuss in private with any
individual that asks becauses there is nothing in it I would not defend, and
that is the way these things should be done. I have absolutely no intention
whatsoever in taking part in any forum in which private correspondence is
circulated without my permission.

The REAL issue at stake as always is that we have to move on from the
discussion of individuals and their behaviour, to discussion of the theories
that they hold. It is for that reason that it is in everyone's interest that
no obstacles are placed in the way of individuals taking part in discussion
above general respect for the rules of professional collaboration, and that
discussion of personal characteristics and behaviour are kept where they
belong: off-list and with respect for the normal rules of privacy.


[Alan Freeman]
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  I received what I view as an extremely important document
  for the list.  It was sent to me by mistake by a listmember
  but since the author went on to write  that I  *could* make it
  available to the list ("You can do what you like with it as far
  as I'm concerned because there is nothing in it I wouldn't
  repeat in public if asked")  I have decided  to do so.  To satisfy
  a concern of the author I will delete the names  and e-mail
  addresses of the 3 other listmembers to  whom his message
  was sent. Also, I will advise listmembers now  that the intended
  recipient  of his e-mail can not be held responsible for  the
  malicious statements and  *threats against the list* by  the
  author and his clique.  However, in the best interests of the list, I
  have  decided to make this document available to each listmember
  *off-list*:   i.e.  if you wish to view this document -- which I
  strongly encourage -- then I will forward it to you *upon request*.

  In solidarity, Jerry

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