[OPE-L:6664] Most, Johann & Capital I

From: Geert Reuten (reuten@fee.uva.nl)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 14:57:06 EST

Dear comrades. Here is a request for information.

I have a German booklet of 90 small pages which is an abbreviation of 
"Capital I" by Johann Most (a German "activist"). The text has been revised 
by Marx & Engels (my edition also shows what additions/revisions M&E made 
to the original).
There seems to be an 1890 English translation of this; although it is 
possible that a new translation/edition came out after 1972. Has anybody 
seen this? If so could you give me the full bibliograhical details of 
this  English edition?
All I have is this:

Most, Johann (1876), "Kapital und Arbeit; `Das Kapital' in einer handlichen
Zusammenfassung, Von Marx und Engels selbst revidiert und bearbeited 
"   [Capital and Labour; an abbreviation of `Capital', as revised by Marx 
and    Engels themselves] Chemnitz 1876; ed. H. M. Enzensberger, Frankfurt 
a.M., Suhrkamp 1972
{this is the edition I have; it provides the following scarce information 
about English editions: 1st English edition, New York, Otto Weydemeyer 
1878; 3rd English edition, International Library No. 2, New York, John 
Mueller 1890. I would think this is the last one prior to 1972, since the 
editor says that the 1972 edition is checked against the 1890 edition.
[there also exist an 1873 German edition, unrevised by Marx and Engels]

(BTW, in the MEW there are comments by M&W about this booklet.)


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