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From: Geert Reuten (reuten@fee.uva.nl)
Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 14:06:05 EST

Re Jerry's [6644].
We did not have a project in mind of doing an apreciation of all 3 volumes of Capital.
I think we started with Capital II (as a theme for our symposium, ISMT) for self-clarification. Then, when we had written the first versions of our papers and discussed them, we thought they were interesting enough for a book.
The same happened with Capital III after that (although we had a couple of other symposium topics in between, e.g. on aspects of the "continuation").
It is rather the work on Capital I, that is the first one consciously planned for bringing out a collection.

At 3/1/02Friday, gerald_a_levy wrote:
Re Tony's [6641]:
> Our hope is to develop a collection on Volume I to go along
> with the ones on II and III.  Then maybe we can turn to the
> "continuation of capital."
A couple of questions (for any of the contributors to these
volumes) then:
1)  Why did you want to follow the sequence of  2 - 3 - 1 rather
     than the more obvious sequence of 1- 2 - 3?  Was the reason
     for beginning with a volume on 2 because V2 was "certainly ...
     the least known [of the 3 volumes of _Capital_, JL] and has
     been least studied over the last 50 years" (from  Arthur and
     Reuten's "Marx's Capital II, The Circulation of Capital: General
     Introduction"  in Arthur and Reuten ed. _The Circulation of
     Capital_, p. 1) or was there some other -- or additional --
2)  After having already published the book on Volume 2 [_The
    Circulation of Capital_] what was the thinking behind next
    examining and publishing a book on Volume 3 [Campbell
    and Reuten _The Culmination of Capital_]  rather than
    turning to Volume 1?
In solidarity, Jerry

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