[OPE-L:6648] Labour Power! Social Partnership and the Power of Negativity

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> Subject: Labour Power! Social Partnership and the Power of Negativity

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> "There is increasing evidence that partnership delivers... A reduction in
> amount of time spent on grievances and a more committed staff with a
> approach to work." John Monks, TUC General Secretary
> " The greatest long-term threat comes from those trade union figures whose
> hard left beliefs incline them to using industrial action for disruptive
> political purposes...The deliberate creation of a 'them and us' culture is
> not only disruptive to the collaborative reform the railways need, it is
> a calculated hard left technique to align union members fortunes with
> militant confrontation" . The Times
> Labour Power! Social Partnership and the Power of Negativity
> You are invited to attend a socialist discussion meeting organised by the
> London Corresponding Committee on the resurgence of trade union struggle,
> labour power in today's world of capitalist work, the problems of social
> partnership and the power of negativity in the search for a way to replace
> today's alienated relations with the 'free association of producers'
> envisioned by Marx.   The meeting will be held in The Calthorpe Arms,
> Inn Road at 1:00pm on Saturday 6th April.
> A reading list is available from the LCC,  please contact me to confirm
> attendance with a contact address and the materials below will be
> to you.
> Comradely greetings
> Chris Ford
> Reading List:
> The Power of Negativity Selected Writings on the Dialectic in Hegel and
> By Raya Dunayevskaya.  Introduction by Peter Hudis and Kevin B Anderson
> Fuel for the Living Fire: Labour-Power! Glen Rikowski
> In the Labour Debate An Investigation into the Reality of Capitalist Work
> (Ashgate Publishing)
> 'New Unionism', organising and partnership: a comparative analysis of
> renewal strategies in the public sector By Andy Danford, M Richardson, M
> Upchurch
> In Capital and Class 76 Spring 2002
> The Power of Negativity in Today's Search for a Way to Transform Reality
> Presentation by Peter Hudis national co-organiser of News and Letters
> The Hobgoblin A Journal of Marxist-Humanism
> http://members.aol.com/THEHOBGOBL/

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