[OPE-L:6642] Vlachou ed. _Contemporary Economic Theory_

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 11:56:24 EST

How did we miss noting this book?

Edited by Adriana Vlachou, this volume is sub-titled "Radical Critique
of Neoliberalism".    Published by Palgrave (copyright 2000).

To see a description and read the table of contents, go to the following site, 
type in either  'contemporary economic theory'  under 'title' or 'vlachou' under  
'author surname'  and then click on the title of the book.


Among the contributors are listmembers Anwar S, Costas L, Lefteris T, and
Stavros M.  Former listmembers David L and Mino C also contributed as did
other well-known names such as B. Fine and R. Wolff.

The price isn't low ($75.00).  I saw it for sale at 1/2 price a little while ago
at a nearby used bookstore and must admit that I blinked even at that price.
On the other hand, I  couldn't resist buying Paul Zaembka's ed. _Research
in Political Economy Volume 17_ ("Economic Theory of Capitalism and its
Crises") for only $15. A real bargain (sorry, no other copies for sale there). 

In solidarity, Jerry

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