[OPE-L:6635] Globalization as a Shaikh-Pasinetti Dynamic?

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 Although I am flattered to be linked to Pasinetti (he was my teacher at
Columbia, and remains a friend), I am not sure what exactly this is
either. I suspect it has to do with international trade theory and its
relation to the classical and marxian arguments. I often make the link
between vertically integrated unit labor costs (which reduce to labor
values when all wages reflect the value of the heterogenous labors
involved) and both theoretical and observed prices. Then in my work on
trade I develop a theoretical and empirical explanation for trade
patterns, including the  effects of so-called free trade, and show that
this approach has its roots in Smith and Marx (as opposed to traditional
trade theory which has its roots in Ricardo). These arguments are on my
personal home-page, whose address is given below. Would appreciate
knowing more about the Kohler and Tausch book. 
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In the following post from the 'ipe' mailing list, there
is a "Table of Contents" for a book by G. Kohler and
A. Tausch entitled _Global Keynesianism: Unequal
Exchange and Global Exploitation_.
 What on earth is a "Shaikh-Pasinetti Dynamic"? 
 I don't understand what these two authors have in 
 common re theories of productivity, growth and 
 globalization. Do others know?
 In solidarity, Jerry
 PS: I'm cc'ing Anu since his mail is currently set
to 'postpone'.

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