[OPE-L:6634] RE: Re: IWGVT mini-conference at the EEA Boston

From: mongiovg (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 11:26:03 EST

Hi, all.

Jerry asks if this is the same paper I presented last year.  It is.  The 
explanation is a little convoluted. Alan Freeman mentioned to me, I guess in 
the Spring of 2001, that some TSS folks were preparing a co-authored response 
to my piece, which is to appear later this year in the RRPE.  Last Autumn I 
asked Alan if any of that response was to be presented at this year's 
Easterns, in which case I'd like to respond.  So the idea was that I would be 
the discussant to various critiques of my critique of the TSS approach. 
Somehow, the plan got turned on its head, with me presenting my argument 
(again) and Andrew Kliman and Alan being the discussants (again). I've not 
seen any TSS response aside from the notes that Andrew distributed last year, 
and some notes that Alan posted at around the same time on the IWGVT website.

The main difference between last year's session and this year's is that the 
entire session will be devoted to the one paper, so that there will be more 
scope for audience discussion.  I've also had time to digest the comments that 
Andrew made last year, and am mulling over Alan's notes.  I don't think they 
require any major changes to my argument, but they should help me express my 
objections more clearly. Since the paper is very long I will emphasize this 
year points that I now recognize (partly thanks to the comments of Alan and 
Andrew) as more salient. So even though similar ground will be covered, I hope 
the discussion will be useful and interesting to people. Anyway, as I say, I 
would have preferred being the discussant to formal presentations-critiques 
from Andrew and Alan; but circumstances dictated a different configuration for 
the session.



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>Re [6631]: IWGVT mini-conference at the EEA
>You can view the schedule and conference sessions
>for the entire Eastern Economics Association 2002
>conference at:
>Other familiar names presenting papers include
>listmember Anwar Shaikh, former listmember
>Gerard Dumenil, Ed Nell, and Mathew Forstater.
>Gary M is also presenting another paper at the EEA
>in addition  to the paper being presented at the
>IWGVT (isn't that the same paper you presented
>at last year's IWGVT? Why 2 years in a row?).
>There are also a whole bunch of Post-Keynesian
>In solidarity, Jerry

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