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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 09:25:27 EST

Re Ale's [6607]:

> Jerry, thanks for the question.

Thanks for the answer!

 > The
> "transformation problem", the "Okishio theorem" and the "reproduction
> schemes debate" (i.e. Rosa Luxemburg) all of three come from T-B works.
> However, you have no integral translation of this yet into English!

Yet, not all of these debates originated with Tugan.   Bohm-Bawerk's
writing on the 'contradiction' and 'the error' in Marx's system (i.e. the
so-called 'transformation problem') began in 1896 with the publication of
the essay  "Zum Abschluss des Marxschen Systems". This pre-dated
by some years -- did it not? -- the publication of Tugan's  _Theoretische
Grundlagen des Marxismus_.    Did Tugan write on the 'TP' before

> I'll copy below what I wrote re T-B in the Preface of my translation of
> two chapters of the "Studies on the Theory and the History of Business 
> Crises in England", which appeared in the Research in Political Economy 
> 18, 2000.

Perhaps one reason for why his _Studien zur Theorie und Geschichte der
Handelskrisen in England_ was not fully translated into English was
because the actual theoretical part of the book is rather small (this also
might be a reason why  Fritz Sternberg's _Der Imperialismus_ hasn't been
translated ).  It might also be part of the reason for why you translated
just two chapters?   This, of course, can not be seen as a reason for not
translating the shorter and more densely argued _Theoretische Grundlagen
des Marxismus_ .

In solidarity, Jerry

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