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>Critique Conference 2002
>Saturday 9th March 2001
>Franklin Wilkins Buidling, Waterloo Campus, Kings College,
>University of London, London<br>
>9.30 am Registration
>5.30 end
>What is to be done and who is to blame?
>It is 100 years since Lenin's classic work: 'What is to be 
>done?' was written 
>and the question is as immediate as it was then. We have, 
>however, been through 
>100 years of hope and despair, of proletarian success and 
>proletarian failure. 
>The end of Stalinism and of the Cold War and the onset of a 
>profound capitalist 
>downturn has placed socialism clearly on the agenda again. But 
>there are no mass 
>socialist parties and no vanguard party worth the name. 
>Speakers will address 
>the politics and political economy of this paradox. 
>Speakers include: 
>Savas Matsas, Istvan Meszaros, Torab Saleth, Moshe Machover, 
>Hillel Ticktin,
> Bob Arnot, Suzi Weissman. 
>Further Information from :
>Professor H. Ticktin
>Glasgow Univeristy 

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