[OPE-L:6605] Re: list

From: glevy@pop-b.pratt.edu
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 03:48:43 EST

Re [6604]:

Calm down Patrick. No one here wants to see you leave this list.
In case you hadn't noticed it, the discussion on the suit here had
pretty much ended of its own accord anyway.

In solidarity, Jerry

> Please remove me from the list. Perhaps, I'll rejoin the list at some time
> in the future.
> By the way, if people on the list persist in calling for a discussion of
> the Kliman suit you might inform that no such discussion is possible. There
> is a gag order imposed on URPE's editorial board. Any one who goes into
> details on the case can be sued or found in contempt of court or something.
> Anyone who discusses the whether there should even have been a lawyer in
> the first case can be sued.

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