[OPE-L:6601] The Kliman Debate

From: Asfilho@aol.com
Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 03:13:56 EST

Recent messages have shown how difficult it can be to discuss this matter on 
the list. Perhaps we can agree on the following:
1. OPE-L takes a strong and uncompromising stand for economic pluralism.
2. In fulfilling our professional duties, as teachers, administrators, 
researchers, referees, members of lists and editorial boards and in any other 
capacity, a spirit of tolerance and understanding is essential.
3. We lament that the dispute between Andrew Kliman and URPE has taken the 
legal route.
4. We believe that individuals and groups on the left should avoid using 
legal instruments in order to address their political and theoretical 
differences or to resolve their grievances.
5. We believe that academic journals on the left should use appropriate and 
transparent quality controls in order to select papers for publication. They 
are entitled to reject papers from theoretical perspectives alien to the 
left. Papers incorporating left perspectives and goals should be evaluated on 
their merit. Prejudice and gratuitous intolerance in any shape or form are 
unacceptable. This is best ensured by using a pool of referees with diverse 
theoretical perspectives, and who are committed to the principles of 
pluralism within the left.
6. Journals are entitled to reject papers. Authors are entitled to seek other 
outlets for publication, including other journals and edited or 
single-authored books, and they are entitled (indeed, encouraged) to start 
new journals.
7. The list rejects any attempt to stifle debate on or off list, either 
through the threat of legal action or by other means.

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