[OPE-L:6596] RE: [Andrew Kliman] Open Letter to OPE-L

From: mongiovg (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 15:52:20 EST

Alejandro: Is it not possible that, like Mike, Patrick & I feel the topic 
should be dropped because it has become tedious, because it cannot be usefully 
resolved in a forum in which most of the participants have no first-hand 
knowledge of the events under discussion, and because it can only serve to 
widen rifts that we ought to work at healing?

I'm leaving town, and will be away from e-mail for a few days.



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>Gary and Patrick:
>It seems to me you both are interested parts in this conflict given your
>relation with URPE and RRPE. This is not a mere "legal conflict" because at
>its *origin* there is a matter of the rejection of a paper by an ed board
>of the RRPE, right? It really doesn't speak well of the state of the US
>left that something like this had ended in the legal instances, but this is
>another matter.
>But more generally, as far as I understand, in this list there is no
>censorship. So any subscriber can discuss whatever issue she or he wants,
>no matter if it is "a legal conflict", the situation in Argentina, the
>methods for solving differential equations, the status of Marx's "law of
>value", or the weather in Belize City.
>Patrick's post, supported by Mongiovi, can be effectively read as proposing
>a kind of censorship here, something, I'm sure, it won't happen. The
>circulation of information cannot harm anyone.
>At 13:52 15/02/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>I agree as well,
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>>I'm in agreement with Michael Williams. OPE-L should not be used to forward
>>messages concerning legal conflicts, or resolutions of legal conflicts, or
>>celebrations of legal conflicts between Andrew Kliman and the Editorial
>>Board of URPE.
>>peace, patrick l mason

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