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Just for a start ... i don't know what you've read,  you could try  Lenin's  'On the so called Market question'... for an exposition  (CW Vol1) , an application of the reproduction schemas in a crushing response to a schema constructed by a Narodnik who aimed at opposing the tsar and proving this was to be done in a political and social environment in which capitalism could not develop... the question remained only one of the peasantry.

I know of no other independent application of the schemas as a  political response... Lenin had an amazing capacity to take Marx and apply the critical ideas  provided by him. ( It is interesting to see how for years  entirely forgetable 'academics' sought to undermine  future political  use of the reproduction schemas like this, through trying to drown  young radicals in the so called  'transformation' problem) .

.I don't know what Jerry means by 'statistics' , the point is that Lenin established the objective circumstances in which to fight by a study of, and reinterpretation, of the Russian Government statistics, on the basis of Marx's scientific achievement and this work came to full fruition in 'The Development of Capitalism in Russia'... and then in his formulation of  a Party programme  properly  dealing with the land question. 

Marx wasn't merely criticising 'PE' ,as Jerry seems to suggest... perhaps a little ingenuously.... he was dissecting the scientific developments of  the representatives of  the progressive bourgeoisie, showing their limits, developing value theory on a methodologically complete footing, and attacking the later 'prize fighters' of the bourgeoisie....It was a political fight, an ideological battle. Lenin understood that. 

Read the article I suggest Julian, asd an example,  and see what you think.



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>Jerry wrote
>>Re Julian's [6548]:
>>> I'd be interested the hear the views of better-read comrades than 
>>> myself on  this -- but do others agree with me that Lenin 
>>advanced > the *practical* *critique* of political economy to 
>>a marked degree?
>>At the risk of sounding heretical, what exactly was that advancement?
>Well, actually I was trying to emphasise the *practical* critique -- he did
>participate in a revolution, after all.
>I'd agree with Jerry that many of those works of his which are best known to
>the average revolutionary activist are either popularisations (i.e., not
>scientific works as such) or contemporary polemics.

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