[OPE-L:6547] CSE sessions at the Association for Heterodox Economists, Dublin 2002

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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 14:24:11 EST

Just in case list members missed this in the latest issue of Capital & Class



CSE at the Association for Heterodox Economics conference 2002 

Crossing the frontier
Social science perspectives on economics

Call for Papers

The Conference of Socialist Economists is taking part in the 2002 conference
of the Association for Heterodox Economists (AHE), to be held in Dublin on
July 9 and 10. 

The AHE is not only interested in the critique of neo-classical economics on
its own territory but in combating the latter's attempts to colonise other
social science disciplines. An effective antidote to economics imperialism
is inter-disciplinary contact and research work.

A well-known paradox of the CSE is that although all its members, and
Capital & Class readers, may be said to practice political economy, only a
minority are academic economists. As such, they are well-placed to bolster
resistance to neo-classical hegemony not only within economics but in other
social science disciplines.

We are thus very pleased to have been invited by the AHE to organise a
stream at its conference aimed at confronting economics with the other
social sciences. Papers should either present perspectives on economics
topics, or directly critique economic theory (of any school of thought),
from the point of view of other social sciences.

The stream will be organised by CSE and proposals should be submitted to it
rather than to the AHE.

The closing date for proposals is Friday, 1 March 2002. Please send an
abstract of not more than 250 words to:

CSE Conference Committee
Cabin W
25 Horsell Road
N5 1XL

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