[OPE-L:6540] Bohr-Heisenberg meeting

From: P.J.Wells@open.ac.uk
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 12:25:20 EST

Arguably off-topic, but I suspect several list-members will be interested in
the following, if they have not already seen elsewhere (as I did, on the
lbo-talk list).



Niels Bohr Archive

Release of documents relating to
1941 Bohr-Heisenberg meeting


The family of Niels Bohr has decided to release all documents deposited 
at the Niels Bohr Archive, either written or dictated by Niels Bohr, 
pertaining specifically to the meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg in 
September 1941. There are in all eleven documents. The decision has been 
made in order to avoid possible misunderstandings regarding the contents 
of the documents.

The documents supplement and confirm previously published statements of 
Bohr's recollections of the meeting, especially those of his son, Aage Bohr.

The documents have now been organised, transcribed and translated into 
English at the Niels Bohr Archive. Because of the overwhelming interest 
in the material, it has been decided that the material should be 
published in full instead of being made available to scholars upon 
individual application, as is normal practice at the Niels Bohr Archive.

This has been done by placing facsimiles, transcriptions and 
translations on this website here.

An illustrated edition of the transcriptions and translations is 
published in the journal Naturens Verden, Vol. 84, No. 8 - 9. Reprints 
can be obtained from the Niels Bohr Archive for USD8/EUR8/DKK50 (prepaid).

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