[OPE-L:6483] RE: Re: N. Sieber on Ricardo and Marx

From: mongiovg (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 13:46:25 EST

Paul wrote:

>    What seems clear to me is that Sieber figured out a lot of what Marx
>was up to, on his own, in Russia, and this impressed Marx.  Actually, what
>bothers me most in Sieber is his 1871 sentence concluding that Marx
>imparted "to Ricardo's theory a fuller and more complete form, and also
>endorse its validity with new proofs".  This suggests a continuity from
>Marx to Ricardo which I believe to be incorrect and yet is part of the
>Sieber-Plehanov-Lenin legacy that is a step backwards.
>    Paul Z.

Doesn't Marx, in his Afterward to the Second German Edition of Capital, more 
or less endorse Sieber's view of the connection between Marx and Ricardo? 
However slippery Marx's grasp of Russian may have been, he understands Sieber 
to have posited a continuity between Marx and Ricardo, and in referring to 
Sieber Marx's tone is unambiguously approving.  I have been criticized for 
overstating the affinity of Marx and Ricardo, and I take the point. But surely 
it is a mistake to deny that there was a substantial continuity esp. in light 
of Marx's own acknowledgment of it?


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