[OPE-L:6478] Re: Re: Another request for feedback

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 16:34:41 EST

Dear Gill
There will be some remarks in The Culmination of Capital eds M. Campbell
and G. Reuten (Palgrave) out about now
There will also be some papers in Studies in Marxism - available soon (info
from C.M.Cowling@tees.ac.uk) I think it includes the Hecker reference
below. I'll check.
Much later: I discovred it is called  Engelsí
Interpretation of Marxís Economic Theory.
For Example on Engelsí Edition of Marxís CAPITAL
Concerning the Edition of the New MARX-ENGELS
PS. Of course my old piece in Engels Today: A Centenary Appreciation
(Macmillan/St. Martin's remains valid. It takes much the same line as

>You have:
>Heinrich M. [1996-97] Engels' Editon of the Third Volume of Capital and
>Marx's Original Manuscript, SCIENCE & SOCIETY, 60:4.
>Hecker R. [1997] On the Third Volume of Das Kapital and Engels'
>Interpretation of the "Simple Production of Commodities", Socialist
>Scholars Conference, New York.
>There is a whole number of the Beiträge zur Marx-Engels-Forschung -- Neue
>Folge devoted to the issue: Engels' Druckfassung versus Marx' Manuskripte
>zum III. Buch des 'Kapital', 1995.
>My own article in IJPE 1998-99 is a critique of Engels' editing job of Ch.
>9 of that Volume.
>At 13:56 15/01/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>Could someone give me the citation for the more-or-less recently published
>>critique of Engels' editing job on Volume III of Capital?  I've lost it to
>>the effects of disk corruption.  Thanks in advance, Gil

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