[OPE-L:6463] Marxist Economists in Japan

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 19:35:13 EST

Claus wrote in [6462]:
> Probably most of the members of the list are aware of the 
 > expansion that marxism experienced in Japan before World War II. 
> After the war and until very recently about half of the teachers 
> in economics  in the japanese universities are said to have been 
 > Marxists. 
A thought: suppose that the information above is roughly accurate 
 and suppose further that one of the requirements for academic 
 faculty is publishing articles in professional journals, presenting 
papers at conferences, and writing books. What does this then 
suggest about the sheer *volume* of books and articles on Marxist 
political economy written in Japanese? Yet, I would guess that only
a *very* small percentage of those works have ever been translated 
into other languages. What are the reasons for that?  Is it just a
problem finding translators or what?
 In solidarity, Jerry

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