[OPE-L:6448] Re: More on prices, technical choices, and values

From: charlie (charles1848@value.net)
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 20:53:36 EST

Along with a general exposition of how exploitation
condemns workers to subhuman labor that is economically
ready to be mechanized, my book gives a historical example
from the early automobile industry.

Charles Andrews
Web site for the book From Capitalism to Equality is at

Paul Cockshott wrote:
> The locus in Marx is Chapter 15, section 2 of Capital, I.
> (Machinery and Large-Scale Industry: The Value Transferred by the
> Machinery to the Product).  Pp. 513-17 in the Fowkes translation,
> ending "Hence we nowhere find a more shameless squandering of human
> labour-power for despicable purposes than in England, the land of
> machinery."
> No the point is that they typically only pay about 50% of the labour cost
> but 100% of the cost of the means of production. This systematically skews
> costs away from labour minimisation.

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