[OPE-L:6441] Re: How taking a class in Marx and/or Marxian economics is valuable for business students

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 09:17:34 EST

Re Paul Z's [6439]:

> I teach in an Arts and Letters faculty not a business school, so the
> to your question, Jerry, is "all".  I was unaware that you were talking
> only about a Marx class in a business school (how many are there?) as
> opposed to a business school student taking a Marx class somewhere in the
> university.

I was talking about the latter. The issue I posed was: what does a business
school student learn from taking a class in Marx?  A minority might decide
to do something else with their lives.  Others could, if they end up getting
jobs as managers, use that knowledge against workers.  In any event, I
don't think that a heck of a lot of business students take classes on Marx
or Marxian political economy --  most potential employers might not think
that it would be a very useful class on their resumes.  Indeed, as we've
noted before, there are even some classes on Marx that have been re-labeled
as classes in 'Classical Political Economy' for job-search related reasons
(which kind of reminds me of Plekhanov writing about the 'monist' view of
history, although for Plekhanov the euphemism was inspired by his attempt
to evade the Czar's censors and get his book published).

In solidarity, Jerry

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