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From: Paul Cockshott (paul@cockshott.com)
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 04:55:09 EST

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, you wrote:
> In response to this passage from me,
> >>> Let's pursue that point a second.  Do you accept the possibility that
> >>> profit-seeking capitalists would choose among available production
> >>> techniques based on relative prices of inputs (so as to minimize costs)?
> >>> And if so, since the choice of production techniques determines the direct
> >>> and indirect abstract labor requirements for production, wouldn't it be
> >>> more appropriate to say that prices "come before" total value?
> AR [6375] writes:
> >And, what are those ghost-like "production techniques"? Who DID produce
> >them? How? How is it that they are "available"? Did they drop from the sky?
> >In a real, historical capitalist society, what should "come before" if we
> >are going to have "production techniques" and "prices"?
> I'm puzzled by this response, Alejandro.  Are you claiming that answering
> these questions would somehow alter the sense of my argument that commodity
> values should be understood as at least *interdependent* with commodity
> prices, rather than (as Rakesh claimed) analytically *prior* to them?  If
> not, then these questions, while interesting in their own right, are
> necessarily red herrings with respect to the issue at hand.  If so, then I
> confess I don't see the connection you're suggesting.   

Condition for prices to influence values independently of technologies
is for the i/o matrix to be such that reverse reswitching will occur.
Shaik and co workers have shown that empirically this does not occur.

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