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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 19:26:24 EST

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Re Jerry's 6345:

>> However,  I do remember Gil offering us his "Copernican" proposals > in a
>no so distant past.
>I don't remember that. Gil: did you ever claim to be a Copernican or
>suggest that your perspectives are Copernican?

Heavens, no.  Here's the relevant passage from my post 4243:

>Would you say that embracing this hypothetical theory is tantamount to
>rejecting "Marx's theory of the capitalist mode of production"?  If so, why?
> If the theory affirms Marx's central claim that capitalist profit is based
>on systematic exploitation of the working class (including the dynamic
>aspects of Marx's argument, let's say) without needing to introduce an
>additional theoretical entity--commodity labor values--and analyze its
>possible connection to another entity--commodity prices---couldn't this be
>viewed as an advance in, rather than a rejection of, Marx's theoretical
>project, in something like the same way that Copernican cosmology
>represented an advance over its predecessor, in part because it dispensed
>with the cumbersome apparatus of Ptolemaic epicycles?

I was simply characterizing a possible outcome to a thought experiment
based on a reference to a well-recognized episonde in the history of
science, without at all suggesting that any such "Copernican" revolution
has been achieved in the present context.


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