[OPE-L:6363] Re: Re: recent science and society and Fred M's interpretation (fwd)

From: Gil Skillman (gskillman@MAIL.WESLEYAN.EDU)
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 17:28:24 EST

Jerry writes in 6343:

>Why is it absurd?    The focus that Roemer and Gil have on Marx seems
>to me to be secondary -- the main focus is on comprehending capitalism
>in a systematic manner.   One might claim instead that it is *more* absurd
>for a theory not to have a clear statement on contemporary developments
>re crisis than on a Marx history of thought question.

Thanks Jerry, but with respect to our discussions on OPE-L my focus has
been even more modest, i.e. to understand the logical bases of Marx's most
fundamental analytical claims based on value analysis.  


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