[OPE-L:6357] Re: Archives and reference question

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 07:28:25 EST

Re [6356]:

Michael: I utilized the archives 'string search' and it seems to work OK  -- see Alejandro Valle's [2444] dated 2/28/2000 on "Profit rate and profit share" for the two references reproduced below [from 6356].

In solidarity, Jerry

>"The profit resulting from any business
> considered abstractly, is no real measure of the merits of that particular
> business. An operation making $100,000.00 per year may be a very profitable
> business justifying expansion and the use of all the additional capital
> that it can profitably employ. On the other hand, a business making
> $10,000,000 a year may he a very unprofitable one, not only not justifying
> further expansion but even justifying liquidation unless more profitable
> returns can be obtained. It is not, therefore, a matter of the amount of
> profit but of the relation of that profit to the real worth of invested
> capital within the business. Unless that principle is fully recognized in
> any plan that may be adopted, illogical and unsound results and statistics
> are unavoidable." 160: [not verified] Extract of the report presented to
> the Executive Committee on December 6, 1919. "There are other measures for
> the running of a business; for example, profit on sales, and penetration of
> the market, but they do not supersede return on investment."

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