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From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 14:37:04 EST

Re Ale's [6346]:

Previously I asked:

>  But, I wouldn't by
> any means dismiss attempts to comprehend contemporary economic relations
> using game-theoretic strategic models, would you?

Ale replied:

> This is a too general question

Do you think so? I thought it was a rather specific question that concerns a
major part of Gil's published writings.

> I got a nice chunck right here:
> Gil in 4243 --Oct 23, 2000 (I'm not sure about the date):
> "...without needing to introduce an  additional theoretical
> entity--commodity labor values--and analyze its  possible connection to
> another entity--commodity prices---couldn't this be viewed as an advance
> in, rather than a rejection of, Marx's theoretical  project, in something
> like the same way that Copernican cosmology  represented an advance over
> its predecessor, in part because it dispensed  with the cumbersome
> apparatus of Ptolemaic epicycles?"
> What do you think, Jerry?

Wow, you really had to go back into the archives (or you have a very
good memory) to come up with that one.

I checked on that post.  In the context of a 'thought experiment', the above
is in reference to what Gil described as a 'hypothetical theory'.  Indeed,
he explicitly labelled the series of points he made and questions he asked
'a series of hypotheticals'.

Nonetheless, it was an unfortunate choice of words (an example of 'loaded
terminology')  on Gil's part -- but, at least, he didn't refer to his
perspective in-print or at a public meeting as being Copernican.

> Are you ready to choose the rather modern, advanced and fashionable
> "Copernican" methods Gil offers us, or to loose being an old fashioned,
> "cumbersome" Ptolemaic Marxist, interested in the way people spent their
> labor-time (their life!) to get their living conditions?

That's kind of like a 'would you like to be executed by hanging or lethal
injection?' kind of question.  I think I would prefer another alternative
than the ones suggested above.

In solidarity, Jerry

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