[OPE-L:6306] Re: Whatever happened to Bernice Shoul?

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 23:33:43 EST

>She wrote her PhD thesis on "The Marxian Theory of Capitalist
>Breakdown" in 1947 at Radcliffe College.  She evidently landed
>a job sometime afterwards at Bard College. She published an
>article entitled "Karl Marx and Say's Law" (_Quarterly Journal
>of Economics_, LXXI, November, 1957, 61-29; reprinted in
>Joseph J. Spengler ed. _Essays in Economic Thought: Aristotle
>to Marshall_,  Chicago, Rand McNally & Co, 1960,  454-469).
>What happened to her afterwards?  What else, if anything, did she

I have a message from her sister on law, but am waiting for her 
permission to circulate the biographical details. But here's an 
interesting bit: her dissertation advisor was one Josef Schumpeter!

Aside from the two pieces that you mention, I know of these two 
Science and Society articles:

"Similarities in the Work of JS Mill and K Marx" Summer 1965
"KM's Solutions to Some Problems of Classical Economics" Fall 1967

David Yaffe refers to Shoul's analysis of Say's Law in one of his early pieces.


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