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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 15:23:58 EST

Rakesh Bhandari <rakeshb@stanford.edu> said, on 01/12/02:

>3.... [Grossman] has to go after Tugan, Bauer, Hilferding, 
>Luxembug, Bukharin, etc., for they had written on the *theory* of 
>accumulation and crisis, not Lenin.  

Lenin did write on theory of accumulation and crisis (I haven't brought up
*Imperialism* at all), and his views are not far from Tugan's in
underplaying over-production theories of crisis.  Virtually all of Lenin's
writings on markets, economic content of Narodism, realization deal with
the possibilities or lack thereof of capitalist accumulation and crises:

     Lenin, V.I., 1895, "The Economic Content of Narodism and the Criticism
of it in Mr. Struve's Book", Collected Works, Volume 1, Progress
Publishers, Moscow, 1960, pp. 333-507.

     Lenin, V.I., 1897, "A Characterization of Economic Romanticism
(Sismondi and Our Native Sismondists)", Collected Works, Volume 2, Progress
Publishers, Moscow, 1960, pp. 129-265.

     Lenin, V.I., 1899a, "A Note on the Question of Market Theory (Apropos
the Polemic of Messrs. Tugan-Baranovsky and Bulgakov)", Collected Works,
Volume 4, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1960, pp. 55-64.

     Lenin, V.I., 1899b, *The Development of Capitalism in Russia*,
Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1956.

     Lenin, V.I., 1899c, "Once More on the Theory of Realization",
Collected Works, Volume 4, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1960, pp. 74-93.

     Lenin, V.I., 1899d, "Reply to Mr. P. Nezhdanov", Collected Works,
Volume 4, Progress Publishers, pp. 160-165.

     Lenin, V.I., 1900, "Uncritical Criticism", cited from Lenin (1899b,
pp. 617-41); also in Collected Works, Volume 3, Progress Publishers,
Moscow, 1960, pp. 609-632.

     Lenin, V.I., 1937 (written 1893), "On the So-called Market Question",
Collected Works, Volume 1, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1960, pp. 75-125,
reprinted in Desai (1989), not available to Grossman or others before 1937.

>4. I do think a Lenin like theory of disproportionality is solidly 
>grounded in TSV (disproportionality as a result of uneven technical 
>change, not failures to anticipate demand a la classical partial glut 
>theory) , not a theory of underconsumption.

Now Rakesh seems to claim Lenin with a crisis theory and a good one at

>7. Again, it is possible to have a sword out for Luxemburg's theory of 
>accumulation (mattick wields grossmann's sword) and embrace her 
>political theory (as mattick does).

Where is the evidence that Grossman defended politically those associated
with Rosa Luxemburg, either while he was living in Poland or Germany? 
Anti-Luxemburgism became rampant.  Where was Grossman on this?  Yet, they
had both the same Polish-Jewish origin and of immigration to Germany.

I'd say Grossman's criticism of her *Accumulation of Capital* served a
similar function to Bukharin's (recall that Bukharin made his move in 1924,
after Lenin's death and as he sides with Stalin).  I cannot believe
Grossman was unaware of the political implications of not criticizing
Lenin's economics while criticizing Luxemburg's; Grossman had more than
enough political experience in his life.


This tread started on Marx and the Classicals regarding 1941 Grossman's
silence on Lenin's position clearly contrary to his own.  The tread
was not about Luxemburg, one way or another, which we have discussed before
on this list and can get repetitous of positions.  

However, I did not miss Rakesh's posting [OPE-L:6294]which ended with
"Grossmann and Mattick are in the tradition of Marx; Bauer, Luxemburg and
Rosdolsky are not", which speaks for itself on Rakesh's dismissal.  I can
add that Lenin wrote Kamenev in 1913, "I have read Rosa's new book *Die
Akkumulation des Kapitals*.  She has got into a shocking muddle.  She has
distorted Marx.  I am very glad that Pannekoek and Eckstein and O. Bauer
have all with one accord condemned her, and I intend to write about Rosa
for No. 4 of *Prosveshcheniye* ".  (Then, his silence ... )


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