[OPE-L:6270] Re: Re: Re: Citation from Vol. 3 help requested

From: Michael Perelman (michael@ECST.CSUCHICO.EDU)
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 22:33:35 EST

Paul, thanks for pointing out the error in my citation.  I am not sure that I would say
that I considered it terribily important, just a shred of evidence -- an perhaps one
based on an incorrect translation.

Paul Zarembka wrote:

> Perelman's *The Invention of Capitalism*, p. 31, bottom, considers the
> passage important (he cites p. 348, not 349, 1981 Vintage) for indicating
> the on-going character of 'primitive accumulation' (I don't agree, but is
> another matter, after we get past to the correct text).


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