[OPE-L:6268] Re: Citation from Vol. 3 help requested

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 19:09:01 EST

Re Paul Z's [6267]:

> Vol. 3 in the Vintage edition, p. 348, has, I understand, a wording
> "expropriating the final residue of direct producers who still have
> something left to expropriate".  Could someone who has that edition
> the wording and tell me the exact antecedent, who is being expropriated?

Page *349*  [note difference] in the Vintage/Penguin edition:

  "Ricardo, while claiming to be dealing with the rate of profit, actually
only with the rate of surplus-value, and this only on the assumption that
the working day is a constant magnitude, both intensively and extensively.
   A fall in the profit rate, and accelerated accumulation, are simply
expressions of the same process, in so far as both express the development
of productivity.  Accumulation in turn accelerates the fall in the profit
and in so far as it involves the concentration of workers on a large scale
hence a higher composition of capital. On the other hand the fall in the
of profit again accelerates the concentration of capital, and its
by dispossessing the *smaller capitalists* and expropriating the final
of direct producers who still have something to expropriate. In this way
is an acceleration of accumulation as far as its mass is concerned, even
the rate of this accumulation falls together with the rate of profit"
added, JL; 2nd & 3rd paragraphs, Ch. 15)

In context, the 'direct producers' above seem *not* to refer to the
wage-earning (working) class but to 'smaller capitalists' broadly understood
include all those who do not own and control the means of production
(including e.g. peasant farmers).

Hope that helps.

I hope your snow has melted!

In solidarity, Jerry

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