[OPE-L:6244] Quantitative Marxism, Volume 2

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 11:05:05 EST

Patrick wrote in [6218]:

> There are many groupings of Marxists.
> Each group should provide some sort of quantitative work that illustrates
> the relative importance of its theoretical relationships. All statistics
> represent the last stage of development of a theory. If there are i = 1,
> ..., N Marxists sub-groups, then each sub-group should subject its own
> theoretical propositions to the fire of empirical analysis. This hasn't
> happened and it has had a deeply negative impact on the development of
> Marxian economics.

A thought:  Paul Dunne's edited work _Quantitative Marxism_ [Polity Press]
was published ten years ago [1991]. Since that time there have been no
other edited volumes specifically on the subject of Marxian empirical

Perhaps its time for a sequel?

There appears to be both a general need (which you refer to above) and an
increasing number of Marxists who have written in this field (including many
unpublished dissertations).  Do you (and others) think it's time for
another edited book of Marxian empirical studies that contains articles from
authors representing a number of divergent perspectives?

If so, then if others indicated that they agreed that such a volume would be
worthwhile and indicated subjects for possible contributions (including,
perhaps, volunteers to  undertake a new empirical study and *write* a
contribution), then it might be possible to convince a publisher to print
such a volume.


In solidarity, Jerry

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