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From: Paul Cockshott (paul@cockshott.com)
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 08:20:18 EST

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, you wrote:
> There are more than enough Marxian economists do exceptional quantitative 
> work. The desired statistical work has not been forthcoming because Marxian 
> economists are  often uninterested in doing the work. One of my great 
> frustrations as a journal referee was reading the 1,000,000,000th paper on 
> the transformation problem that contained zero empirical work. Typically, 
> authors would reply that the paper was "concerned with a theoretical 
> issue," not an empirical issue. After 1 billion papers on the 
> transformation problem I think it is perfectly reasonable to request that 
> authors demonstrate empirical relevance.

I strongly support this. The credence that Steadmans views gained without
him having produced any empirical support for them is striking.
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