[OPE-L:6100] N.S. Ranganayakamma's _For the Solution of the Caste Question_

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Sun Oct 28 2001 - 22:23:59 EST

I believe that Ranga is incorrect in thinking that her plan for future
research and writings will not be of interest to listmembers, and
since she gives me the option (see below), I have decided to 
forward her message. Perhaps others could offer some reading
suggestions on Russia and China?/In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Re: N.S. Ranganayakamma's _For the Solution of the Caste Question_

Dear Jerry,

Thank you for the prompt clarification.

But we have not found the titles of all chapters except the last unnumbered chapter THE BLUNT WEAPON OF UNTOUCHABILITY. in the OPEL digest 161. Hence we wrote about it. 

Regarding the proposed work to be taken up:

I have brought out the English version of my book on 'Caste' question a month ago and since then I have been reading some books. My intention is to introduce all the major works or give summary of all works of Marx and Engels in Telugu. Later I would like to read various books in English, know  and write an introduction to what had happened in Russia and China since the founding of the communist parties and how they ruled. I have many queiries about what had happened in those countries with reference to many issues like how they dealt with 'interest, price, profit, bonds' and what changes occurred in the sphere of family, school, media and so on.  No single book gave me satisfactory information so far. I would like to first read and know and then write an introduction to Telugu readers among whom there are genuine people who would like to know such things in the interest of the revolution in India.

I don't thing this plan of mine interests any person who follows OPEL digest. So you need not put this in the digest, though I do not have any objection or problem.


>From: "Gerald_A_Levy" 
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>Subject: N.S. Ranganayakamma's _For the Solution of the Caste Question_ 
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>RE [6098]: 
>Dear Ranga: 
>Your message was posted as [OPE-L:6084]. As you can see below, it was 
>posted exactly as authored by Bapuji and yourself. There was no editing 
>by me and the chapter titles are included. 
>What will your next book and/or project be about? 
>In solidarity, Jerry 
>PS: Note that your message [6098] and this reply appeared as OPE-L posts. 
>Since others would no doubt be interested in your current research and 
>writing, please reply to the list ope-l@galaxy.csuchico.edu 
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>From: Ranganayakamma N.S. 
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>Subject: [OPE-L:6084] (no subject) 
>A Book on 'Caste' question 
>For the solution of the 
>'Caste' question 
>Buddha is not enough 
>Ambedkar is not enough either 
>Marx is a Must 
>By Ranganayakamma 
>Pages 430. Paper back. $ 10. Postage free. Send cheque in favour of 'Sweet Home Publications'. Or, you may pay using credit cards through www.paypal.com.Transfer the amount (in US Dollars) to the account of nranganayakamma@hotmail.com, and e-mail us your postal address. For copies: SWEET HOME PUBLICATIONS, 76, Radhika Vihar, Jubilee Hills post, Hyderabad-500 033 (India). Phone: (+91)-40-311-7302. E-mail: nranganayakamma@hotmail.com or brbapuji@yahoo.com 
>Chapters: (1) According to Ambedkar, How did 'castes' originate? (2) According to Ambedkar, How 'Shudra' Varna came into existence? (3) 'Brahminical' literature or 'Feudal' literature? (4) Hindus and Untouchables (5) According to Ambedkar, 'How' did Untouchability begin? (6) According to Ambedkar, 'When' did Untouchability begin? (7) Do you want 'Untouchability' or 'Slavery'? (8) 'Hindu' reformers on Untouchability (9) Beware of 'Mahatmas'! (10) The condition of Untouchables (11) Some 'Dalit' Movements (12) Not only 'Division of Labour', but also 'Division of labourers' is found in all countries (13) What did Ambedkar say in 'Annihilation of Caste' ? (14) According to Ambedkar, 'Protection against Economic Exploitation'! (15) According to Ambedkar, What is Buddhism? (16) Ambedkar on Marxism (17) Ambedkar's own Economics (18) Role of Ambedkar in 'drafting' the Constitution (19) Ambedkar has changed 'religion' (20) What, then, is Ambedkar?  The Blunt weapon of Untouchability! 

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