[OPE-L:6081] Re: Profiting from the WTC demolition (fwd)

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 09:17:27 EDT

Re Gary's [6076]:

It was widely reported on network news on Sept. 11 that the
insurance companies +ACo-did+ACo- have the financial resources
to pay-out on claims.  If my memory is correct this was based on
statements to the press by representatives of the insurance
companies.  Also, the WTC of course was fully insured (and
the owner is considering re-building -- possibly 4 shorter
buildings in place of the 'twin towers').

On a related note,  the airline companies which were already
losing money prior to 9/11 sought a bailout to cover their
losses both prior to and following 9/11.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: Here's the message I got when I tried to send posts to
the list from my 'msn' address:
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This suggests that the 'problem' is on the csuchico end. Yet, listproc
was up and running during that time as is witnessed by PEN-L posts
(which shares the same server) being posted during that time. I
am not sure of the cause for this development, but if anyone else on
the list is experiencing problems sending mail to OPE-L, please
contact me off-list.

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