[OPE-L:6057] Re: time for a change?

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 22:25:00 EDT

In [5899] I asked whether others thought there should be another
coordinator, raised some concerns that I had and asked for feedback.
I have received only a few off-list responses from listmembers (who
basically all said that they like the way things are at present) and one
on-list response from Chris A [5904] who suggested -- reasonably enough
-- that 'all systems need redundancy'.

Since no one has stepped forward to volunteer to be a 'full-time'
co-coordinator,  I felt that -- given the above --  the administrative needs
for the list would be best served by *requesting that someone volunteer* to
at least be an interim co-coordinator for the times when I am absent (e.g.
when I go on vacation, especially when I am of sailing during the
or ... well ... if something should happen to me....

Towards that end, I asked that Allin set-up a special account at the
'ricardo' server.  This account (ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu) has now been
set-up (*THANKS, ALLIN!*), and I have subscribed that address to the list
sent a message to listproc (listproc@galaxy.csuchico.edu ) that it be
as an 'owner' (my glevy@pratt.edu and Gerald_A_Levy@msn.com are the other
recognized 'owner' addresses).  This allows a volunteer to use this address
-- *accessible by WEBMAIL AT RICARDO* (NB: Allin *created* webmail for
ricardo just for this purpose!) -- to send owner commands to listproc.

responsibilities would include:  a) periodically checking the ope-admin
address and deleting the messages (so that we don't take-up too much
space at ricardo; and b) when I am absent or if something happens to me,
check the messages and i) forward messages to the list that were
rejected for technical reasons (e.g. because they were sent from a non-
subscribed address), ii) help listmembers with their settings upon
request,  iii) add and/or delete addresses of listmembers upon
request, and iv) subscribe new members (we'll work out a procedure
for how this should be handled in my absence), etc.  If someone *wants* to
volunteer for more responsibilities than this (including being a full-time
co-coordinator), then please do so! While I appreciate the support
that has been voiced by listmembers regarding my list administration,
I am all for sharing and delegating responsibilities for what is after all
supposed to be a collaborative effort.

You can contact me on- or off-list to discuss volunteering.

In solidarity, Jerry

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