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Those who could not check out the video can better check at the site of Der Spiegel. 
It was not known yet when the scenes of children's celebrity was taken, but judging from the very CNN pictures, it certainly showed to have been manipulated.
Maybe, the other scenes of a hooting truck driver appeared to be from the old footage.  But it is hard to obtain the 1991 CNN films. 



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I couldn't watch the video on my computer so I checked out the stills -
note that these are accredited - lower right hand corner - to Associated
Press (surprise surprise).  Anyway, Rakesh deserves all the kudos for: (a)
following up on the original question and (b) providing an excellent
illustration of the way that selective images are used to support breaking
news stories (btw, I agree with you that a cynical manipulation of 'truth'
is worse than using old footage; this is exactly the point that Rakesh and
I were trying to make).

comradely Nicky


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>Nicola and Allin,
>I have returned and notice the message below from Rakesh.  Shortly after
>its date I could not get any more messages as my email became full from
>another's person's recyclyed virsus. Therefore I don't know if either of
>you responded to Rakesh's forwarded message which actually is perhaps even
>worse than using old footage (which had been the center of this
>controvery).  As I see it, the issue Chai-on first raised is reintroduced.
>Thanks, Paul Z.
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>sent to me by a palestinian friend of mine. RB
>>from Indy Media:
>>"Celebrating Palestinians": Scene WAS ACTUALLY staged (english)
>>by Juergen 3:02am Tue Sep 25 '01 (Modified on 3:54am Tue Sep 25 '01)
>>"A few days ago a Brazilian student, Marcio, claimed CNN was showing old
>>scenes of celebrating Palestinians, claiming they were celebrating the
>>WTC disaster. Well, the scenes were not old, but were manipulated!
>>"In a recent statement CNN insisted that the famous footage was shot on
>>the day of the WTC blast. Meanwhile, German reporters of the prestigious
>>"Panorama" TV magazine investigated how the scenes were shot. What they
>>found out was amazing. On German TV they aired, supposedly for the first
>>time, parts of the entire 4-minute footage not previously shown.
>>"It became clear that a person was animating a couple of children to
>>cheer in front of the camera. The woman cheering was offered a candy to act
>>cheerful. She later said she was shocked that her pictures were shown in
>>the context of the terrorist attacks. She had no idea what they were for. A
>>total view of the scene shows a street largely full of at best apathic
>>people doing business as usual. Only a handful of people standing in
>>front of the camera are celebrating.
>>"You can see the video online on
>>http://www.ndrtv.de/panorama/sendung/index.html  The link is below the
>>second picture and in German. But you can still see the pictures in the
>>report. Forward to 7 minutes 45 seconds and watch it until the end.
>>"Furthermore, the highly regarded German magazine "Der Spiegel" has had
>>an article on this. The article shows the picture of the woman getting
>>candy and another one people showing more people in the background of the
>>cheering kids. These people are passing by as usual.
>>"Read the article on:
>>Unfortunately, in German as well. You can still see the pictures,
>>Here's a little synapses of the article in Der Spiegel (titled "What is
>>the truth?"):
>>Der Spiegel reports on the analysis conducted by Panorama.  They point
>>out that the pictures that went around the world only showed close-ups,
>>never the whole street full of people celebrating.  What Panorama found out,
>>when watching the whole thing, was that there were shots of the street
>>surrounding the cheering groups.  These shots indicated that there were
>>only a handful of people cheering while the majority of people passed by
>>without participating (the second picture in the Spiegel article shows

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