[OPE-L:6046] Palestinian staged footage?

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@acsu.buffalo.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 10:43:50 EDT

Nicola and Allin,

I have returned and notice the message below from Rakesh.  Shortly after
its date I could not get any more messages as my email became full from
another's person's recyclyed virsus. Therefore I don't know if either of
you responded to Rakesh's forwarded message which actually is perhaps even
worse than using old footage (which had been the center of this
controvery).  As I see it, the issue Chai-on first raised is reintroduced.

Thanks, Paul Z.

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Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 11:00:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [OPE-L:6020] staged, not recycled, footage?

sent to me by a palestinian friend of mine. RB

>from Indy Media:
>"Celebrating Palestinians": Scene WAS ACTUALLY staged (english)
>by Juergen 3:02am Tue Sep 25 '01 (Modified on 3:54am Tue Sep 25 '01)
>"A few days ago a Brazilian student, Marcio, claimed CNN was showing old
>scenes of celebrating Palestinians, claiming they were celebrating the
>WTC disaster. Well, the scenes were not old, but were manipulated!
>"In a recent statement CNN insisted that the famous footage was shot on
>the day of the WTC blast. Meanwhile, German reporters of the prestigious
>"Panorama" TV magazine investigated how the scenes were shot. What they
>found out was amazing. On German TV they aired, supposedly for the first
>time, parts of the entire 4-minute footage not previously shown.
>"It became clear that a person was animating a couple of children to
>cheer in front of the camera. The woman cheering was offered a candy to act
>cheerful. She later said she was shocked that her pictures were shown in
>the context of the terrorist attacks. She had no idea what they were for. A
>total view of the scene shows a street largely full of at best apathic
>people doing business as usual. Only a handful of people standing in
>front of the camera are celebrating.
>"You can see the video online on
>http://www.ndrtv.de/panorama/sendung/index.html  The link is below the
>second picture and in German. But you can still see the pictures in the
>report. Forward to 7 minutes 45 seconds and watch it until the end.
>"Furthermore, the highly regarded German magazine "Der Spiegel" has had
>an article on this. The article shows the picture of the woman getting
>candy and another one people showing more people in the background of the
>cheering kids. These people are passing by as usual.
>"Read the article on:
>Unfortunately, in German as well. You can still see the pictures,
>Here's a little synapses of the article in Der Spiegel (titled "What is
>the truth?"):
>Der Spiegel reports on the analysis conducted by Panorama.  They point
>out that the pictures that went around the world only showed close-ups,
>never the whole street full of people celebrating.  What Panorama found out,
>when watching the whole thing, was that there were shots of the street
>surrounding the cheering groups.  These shots indicated that there were
>only a handful of people cheering while the majority of people passed by
>without participating (the second picture in the Spiegel article shows

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