[OPE-L:5890] RE: fall (+ for what it's worth)

From: mongiovg (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 11:14:02 EDT

I think a discussion of precisely how the financial sector serves to 
concentrate wealth and income upward would be interesting (assuming it hadn't 
been thoroughly worked over before I joined the list).  This strikes me as one 
(or I should say, another) area in which the Marxian and Sraffian traditions 


>===== Original Message From glevy@pratt.edu =====
>This has been a particularly s-l-o-w summer for OPE-L.
>Now would be a good time, imo, to make suggestions about possible
>topics for discussion in the (fast approaching!) Fall.
>Are there any important topics that we have _not_ discussed yet?
>Important items in the news that merit a discussion? (e.g. the
>seeming inability of the Fed to influence real economic activity
>with interest rate cuts?)  Recent papers that you have written or
>thoughts for papers that you would like others to comment on? Would
>you like to revisit any ongoing controversies? Should we consider --
>as a list -- any solidarity activities?
>My opinion on the URPE controversy with Andrew K is probably not
>sought by anyone, but -- for what it's worth -- here are my very
>brief thoughts:  I think we can all agree that law suits between
>different groups and individuals on the Left should be avoided
>whenever possible. Having said that, it is my opinion that whoever
>it was at URPE who selected the referees for Andrew's article
>exercised very poor judgment as there was a public history between
>the author and a referee that would suggest that the referee would
>give a negatiuve review. Under these circumstances, URPE should have
>had Kliman's article re-read by another individual who had no
>negative past dealings with Kliman. I suspect that the above will
>satisfy no one, but that's my opinion.
>Also -- for the record -- I deeply regret Andrew's decision to
>leave OPE-L in the Spring. Despite theoretical and other
>differences in perspective, I highly value and respect his opinion
>on the topics we have discussed on-list. I also respect and value
>the opinion of all other current and former subscribers.
>Still out sailing.
>In solidarity, Jerry
>Mattituck, NY

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