[OPE-L:5888] fall (+ for what it's worth)

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 08:26:53 EDT

This has been a particularly s-l-o-w summer for OPE-L.

Now would be a good time, imo, to make suggestions about possible
topics for discussion in the (fast approaching!) Fall.

Are there any important topics that we have _not_ discussed yet?
Important items in the news that merit a discussion? (e.g. the
seeming inability of the Fed to influence real economic activity
with interest rate cuts?)  Recent papers that you have written or
thoughts for papers that you would like others to comment on? Would 
you like to revisit any ongoing controversies? Should we consider --
as a list -- any solidarity activities?  

My opinion on the URPE controversy with Andrew K is probably not
sought by anyone, but -- for what it's worth -- here are my very
brief thoughts:  I think we can all agree that law suits between 
different groups and individuals on the Left should be avoided 
whenever possible. Having said that, it is my opinion that whoever
it was at URPE who selected the referees for Andrew's article 
exercised very poor judgment as there was a public history between
the author and a referee that would suggest that the referee would
give a negatiuve review. Under these circumstances, URPE should have
had Kliman's article re-read by another individual who had no 
negative past dealings with Kliman. I suspect that the above will
satisfy no one, but that's my opinion.

Also -- for the record -- I deeply regret Andrew's decision to
leave OPE-L in the Spring. Despite theoretical and other
differences in perspective, I highly value and respect his opinion
on the topics we have discussed on-list. I also respect and value 
the opinion of all other current and former subscribers.

Still out sailing.

In solidarity, Jerry
Mattituck, NY

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