[OPE-L:5889] Re: Jerry on describing Kliman v. URPE

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Mon Aug 27 2001 - 08:35:25 EDT


Andrew Kliman's suit, as I understand it, is NOT because an article was not
accepted for publication --
but rather is a defamation suit.  By the nature of a defamation case Andrew
himself cannot repeat the defamation as it would publicizing the negative
about himself.  Nor do I know it myself.

I do understand that he and his lawyer proposed a "settlement" which would
not have involved money and they thought a mild enough retraction by URPE. 
It was offered before a lot of legal costs transpired.  Andrew told me that
the proposal was rejected by URPE.  


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glevy@pratt.edu said, on 08/27/01:

>My opinion on the URPE controversy with Andrew K is probably not sought by
>anyone, but -- for what it's worth -- here are my very brief thoughts:  I
>think we can all agree that law suits between  different groups and
>individuals on the Left should be avoided  whenever possible. Having said
>that, it is my opinion that whoever it was at URPE who selected the
>referees for Andrew's article  exercised very poor judgment as there was a
>public history between the author and a referee that would suggest that the
>referee would give a negatiuve review. Under these circumstances, URPE
>should have had Kliman's article re-read by another individual who had no 
>negative past dealings with Kliman. I suspect that the above will satisfy
>no one, but that's my opinion.

>Also -- for the record -- I deeply regret Andrew's decision to leave OPE-L
>in the Spring. Despite theoretical and other
>differences in perspective, I highly value and respect his opinion on the
>topics we have discussed on-list. I also respect and value  the opinion of
>all other current and former subscribers.

>Still out sailing.

>In solidarity, Jerry
>Mattituck, NY

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