[OPE-L:5885] URPE circular letter about Andrew Kliman

From: glevy@pratt.edu
Date: Wed Aug 08 2001 - 11:17:42 EDT

Dawn Saunders tried to send the following to the list last month.

I've concluded my Maine cruise and am now in Mattapoisett, Mass.
I expect to talk to you again in early September.

In solidarity, Jerry

Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 14:54:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Dawn M. Saunders" <dsaunder@zoo.uvm.edu>
To: Alan Freeman <a.freeman@greenwich.ac.uk>
cc: OPE-L list <ope-l@galaxy.csuchico.edu>
Subject: Re: URPE circular letter about Andrew Kliman

Hello to all:

I want to make clear that I am a former editorial board member of
the RRPE, who was included in this lawsuit referred to by Alan
Freeman.  I do believe that Alan truly belives Andrew Kliman to be
the wronged party in this case, and he is trying to help him as a
friend, and because he believes the cause is just.  But, while bowing
to the same restrictions Alan refers to in an ongong legal case, let
me remind all who've read his account that the situation is currently
unresolved precisely because there is more than one view of what
the "truth" is.

The case was recently dismissed against the editorial board
members, so this much I think I can say:  I truly believe Andrew
Kliman severely misinterpreted the actions referred to, and that the
lawsuit was unwise and unjust.	I truly, deeply, do not believe I
deserved to be attacked in such a fashion, my motives and my
belief in justice impinged, with Andrew Kliman laying claim to
basically all that I have in the world (and then some) in order to
assuage his sense of being wronged.  And I do not believe that he
was, in fact, wronged in the way that he claims.  I do believe that
some serious misunderstanding between the parties lay at the root
of this lawsuit, and in fact (contray to Alan Freeman's letter) the
RRPE and URPE did suggest a compromise settlement in
which the RRPE would admit that just such a
misunderstanding took place, and that admission would be
published as a part of the settlement.	That settlement was rejected
by Andrew because (I believe) he did not think it laid claim to "guilt"
on the RRPE's part.

Please note these are purely my own views.  Whatever yours,
please understand that the continuance of this lawsuit DOES put
URPE's finances in jeopardy, as well as its reputation.  I am
committed to the belief that URPE and the RRPE is composed of
good people, who sometimes make mistakes (or develop
misunderstandings) or can not possible know at all times the best
course of action under trying circumstances, and I ask all to
continue to offer the organization the support it needs and
deserves, to continue its work of education, research, and activism
on behalf of progressive political economy.

Dawn Saunders
Visiting Assitant Professor
Department of Economics
University of Vermont

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