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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Sat Jul 28 2001 - 14:27:29 EDT

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Subject: News from HM and call for papers - please circulate
Dear Friends,

    We are pleased to tell you that the new issue 7 of HISTORICAL
MATERIALISM is just out   see details below. Issue 8, focusing on East Asia
will be out in early September.

We also take this opportunity to inform you that, from Autumn 2001, HM will
be published by the Dutch publishers E.J. Brill in Leiden. From 2002, HM
will come out in a quarterly format.

Finally, we would like to remind you that we are open to any proposals from
you for articles, reviews, interventions or symposia. If you would like to
make us a proposal, please send an abstract and some details of your
research interests and publications (if any) to hm@lse.ac.uk

Tony Burns on Materialism in Ancient Greek Philosophy and in the Writings of
the Young Marx o Chik Collins on Vygotsky on Language and Social
Consciousness: Underpinning the Use of Voloshinov in the Study of Popular
Protest o Paul Wetherly on Marxism,  Manufactured Uncertainty  and
Progressivism: A Response to Giddens o Patrick Murray on Marx s  Truly
Social  Labour Theory of Value: Part II, How Is Labour that Is Under the
Sway of Capital Actually Abstract? o Geert Reuten on The Interconnection of
Systematic Dialectics and Historical Materialism o John Kelly vs. Gregor
Gall on class mobilisation o An interview with Slavoj Zizek o Reviews by
Noel Castree on Manuel Castells o Paul Blackledge on Perry Anderson and the
end of history o Paul Jaskot on art history o John Roberts on Adorniana o
Andrew Hemingway & Paul Jaskot on T.J. Clark & O.K. Werckmeister o Larry
Wilde on Sean Sayers

HISTORICAL MATERIALISM 8 (due out September 2001)

Focus on East Asia:
Paul Burkett & Martin Hart-Landsberg on East Asia Since the Financial Crisis
o Giles Ungpakorn on Thailand o Vedi Hadiz on Indonesia o Gareth Api
Richards on Malaysia o Dae-oup Chang on South Korea o Raymond Lau on China o
Patrick Bond & Jim Kincaid on Marxist Explanations of the Crisis o plus Enzo
Traverso on Marx and Bohemia o Paul Zarembka & Sean Sayers debate Marx and
Romanticism o Ted Benton & Paul Burkett debate Marx and Ecology o Reviews:
Walden Bello on Naomi Klein o Warren Montag on Toni Negri o Alex Callinicos
on Slavoj Zizek o Paul Burkett on Jonathan Hughes o Brett Clark on Paul
Burkett o John Bellamy Foster on Capital & Class


Ellen Meiksins Wood on the non-history of capitalism o Colin Barker on Ellen
Wood o Esther Leslie on Benjamin's Arcades Project o John Weeks on
underdevelopment o Tony Smith on theories of technology o Michael Lebowitz
on the silences of Capital o John Holloway on alienation o Peter Burnham on
globalisation and the state o Fred Moseley on the US rate of profit o
reviews by Matthew Beaumont on Bloch o Benno Teschke on Guy Bois o Peter
Linebaugh on Robin Blackburn

China Miville on architecture o Gregory Elliott on Perry Anderson o Andrew
Chitty on recognition o Michael Neary & Graham Taylor on alchemy o Paul
Burkett on neo-Malthusian Marxism o Slavoj Zizek on risk society o reviews
by Geoff Kay on Freeman & Carchedi o Ben Watson on Adorno and music o Mike
Haynes on the Russian Revolution o Elmar Altvater on David Harvey o Martin
Jenkins on Althusser and psychoanalysis o Esther Leslie on Benjamin

Symposium on Leninism and political organisation: Simon Clarke o Howard
Chodos & Colin Hay o John Molyneux o Alan Shandro o Jonathan Joseph o Peter
Hudis o John Ehrenberg o Plus Paul Burkett on Ted Benton o Werner Bonefeld
on novelty o reviews by Michael Lebowitz on Felton Shortall o Gareth Dale on
East Germany o Adrian Budd on Kim Moody o Giles Peaker on John Roberts o
Chris Bertram on analytical Marxism o Ken Hammond on Vietnam

Symposium on Brenner and the world crisis, Part 1: Alex Callinicos o
Guglielmo Carchedi o Simon Clarke o Gerard Dumenil & Dominique Levy o Chris
Harman o David Laibman o Michael Lebowitz o Fred Moseley o Murray Smith o
Ellen Meiksins Wood o Plus Hal Draper on Lenin o Tony Smith on John
Rosenthal o reviews by Rick Kuhn on Australian trade unionism o Charles Post
on Terence Byres o Edwin Roberts on pragmatism and American Marxism o Alan
Wald on Michael Lwy o Matt Worley on British Communism

Symposium on Brenner and the world crisis, Part 2: Werner Bonefeld o Alan
Freeman o Michel Husson o Anwar Shaikh o Tony Smith o Richard Walker o John
Weeks o Plus Geoff Kay on abstract labour and capital o Craig Brandist on
ethics, politics and dialogism' o reviews by John Gubbay on Erik Olin Wright
o Alan Johnson on the Third Camp o Sean Sayers on Marx on Russia o Adrian
Haddock on Andrew Collier o Gregor Gall on organised labour o Greg Dawes on
postcolonial theory

Alan Shandro on Marx as a conservative thinker o Patrick Murray on abstract
labour o Deborah Cook on Adorno and Habermas o Andrew Kliman on intrinsic
value o Felton Shortall vs. Mike Lebowitz on the limits of Capital o Fine,
Lapavitsas & Milonakis vs Tony Smith on Brenner o reviews by Mike Cowen on
James C.Scott o Alan Carling & Paul Nolan on Jared Diamond o Jonathan Joseph
on Derrida o Ian Birchall on Romain Rolland

Historical Materialism has a number of themed sections and issues planned,
including Focus on East Asia, Marxism and Africa, Fascism and Non-European
Societies and Marxism and the Fantastic. Articles scheduled to appear in
these and future issues include:

Ellen Wood on Slavery in Ancient Greece
Colin Barker on the Force of Value
Andrew Brown on Ilyenkov and Critical Realism
Andrew Chitty on Ilyenkov and the Ideal
Robert Albritton, Chris Arthur, Werner Bonefeld, Joseph Fracchia, Peter
Hudis, Geoff Kay & Jim Mott, David McNally, Mike Neary & Marcel Stoetzler
discuss Moishe Postone
Enzo Traverso on Norman Geras
Robert Brenner Replies to Critics
Wal Suchting on the Late Althusser
Paul Breines, Andrew Feenberg, Lee Congdon, Paul LeBlanc, Michael Lwy, Tom
Rockmore, Joseph Fracchia & Galin Tihanov discuss Georg Lukcs
Alex Callinicos on Cohen & Dworkin
Erik Olin Wright on Callinicos & Equality
Jatin Wagle on the Dialectic of Enlightenment
Gregory Elliott on the History of Structuralism
Massimo Di Angelis, Giovanni Arrighi, Simon Bromley, Peter Burnham, Peter
Gowan, Pete Green, David Harvey, Bob Jessop, John Rees & Bob Sutcliffe
discuss Negri & Hardt s Empire
Greg Schwartz on Donald Filtzer
Kevin Anderson on John Rees
Paresh Chattopadhyay on Market Socialism
and much, much more


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The Editors
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United Kingdom

or email hm@lse.ac.uk

Historical Materialism is a new interdisciplinary journal committed to
developing the explanatory and emancipatory power of classical Marxism. We
aim to counter the eclipse of social imagination evident in the widespread
assumption of a continuing capitalist future.

Historical Materialism provides a forum for:
 The reappropriation and refinement of the classical Marxist tradition for
emancipatory purposes.
 A genuine and open dialogue between individuals working in different
traditions of Marxism.
 Interdisciplinary debate and communication on an international scale
between graduates, researchers and academics.

"The birth of Historical Materialism was a major event, not only because it
provides a unique forum for non-sectarian Marxist debate but also because it
represents a change in the wind, a really promising sign of socialist
  Ellen Meiksins Wood

"Historical Materialism provides exactly what is needed today: a Marxist
antidote to postmodern and similar fashions. It is one of the few journals
in English actually turned towards the future   one of the few journals in
which a progressive theorist can publish without secretly feeling ashamed! "
  Slavoj Zizek

"Historical Materialism demonstrates that Marxist analysis is not merely
alive, but thriving again as the contradictions of globalisation generate
economic, social and cultural tensions which mainstream analysis cannot
account for." 
  John Weeks

"Historical Materialism is already among the most highly regarded journals
in Marxian theory published in any language. If a resurgence of Marxian
thinking occurs in the twenty-first century, it will deserve a good part of
the credit." 
  Tony Smith

"Where are the most important debates
on the central issues of Marxist theory taking place today? Where do today s
major Marxist thinkers congregate in issue after gargantuan issue? Surprise
  at least to those Marxist journals that have been around for decades  
it s in the pages of Historical Materialism. After the briefest of
journalistic apprenticeships, Historical Materialism has surged to the head
of the pack to become the Marxological publishing story of
the decade."
  Bertell Ollman

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