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From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 17:56:36 EDT

FRED'S 5784
>On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Christopher Arthur wrote:
>> A philological point relating to my previous post.
>> I complain that in the FN against CPE Marx seems to start with a different
>> point than that in the text without notice. Part of the explanation is that
>> in the first edition of C the FN occurs in what might be thought its
>> natural place, at the very end of what would become section 3. Then for the
>> second edition he seems to have thought: why not collate together the crits
>> of CPE? and just transferred the FN without thinking over the consequences,
>> namely as Fred naturally did taking the FN as expansion of the text.
>I argued in my last post that there is no inconsistency between the text
>and the footnote.  The only inconsistency is between your interpretation
>of the text and the footnote.
>The translation of Chapter 1 in the first edition that I have (the
>Dragstedt translation, which you sent me years ago!), unfortunately does
>not have this footnote (or any other footnotes; what a poor
>translation!).  Chris, would you please tell me which paragraph this
>footnote is attached to in the first edition?  Thanks.
>Although I couldn't find this footnote, I did find the following very
>interesting and important sentence at the very end of the "third section":
>"What was decisively important, however, was to discover the inner,
>necessary connection between value-FORM, value-SUBSTANCE, and
>value-AMOUNT; i.e. expressed conceptually, to prove that the value-FORM
>arises out of the value-CONCEPT."  (emphasis in the original)
>This seems to me to be another clear statement that Marx derived the form
>of value from the substance or the content of value (which is of course
>what Marx did in Section 3), not the other way around.
>Thanks for the interesting discussion.

Dear fred
This is indeed the very para to which the footnote is attached. MEGA II 5 p.43.


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