[OPE-L:5764] Re: A student of Grossman and Mattick?

From: Rakesh Narpat Bhandari (rakeshb@Stanford.EDU)
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 14:55:56 EDT

>Self-effacement ("autodidact") is unjustified and inconsistent with the
>fervor of your interventions.

Paul Z, I just didn't want my fervent email posts to lumped in with 
the rigorous published work of Carchedi, Freeman and Kliman; wanted 
to make sure that the defects of my posts are not used to question 
their work. Moreover, in pointing to my debt to Grossmann and Mattick 
Sr, I wanted to imply that there may be differences between them (and 
hence me) and TSS. One difference has already come up in the 
treatment of constant capital. Kliman in my opinion misinterprets 
Grossmann's use of Bauer's scheme. Siddharth Chatterjee brilliantly 
defended TSS on marxmail.org and while I agreed with much of what he 
was saying, i raised specific objections (re: the v=0 assumption, the 
confusion between the mass and rate of profit).

>   Also, self-definition as particular
>person's "student" doesn't strike me terribly progressive.

But I have learned from them and above all from Marx. It's just the 
fact of the matter.

>  Aren't we are
>supposed to be treating (even) ourselves with respect and not subservient
>to others?

Does having learned from someone make you subservient to them? From 
your open style I am sure you have many people who consider 
themselves to be your students  while not being subservient to you.

Yours, Rakesh

ps I'm moving and then offline for almost two months, so this is my 
last day for a while.  Wish everyone a pleasant summer.

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