[OPE-L:5749] Re: the infinite quantity of logically plausible social theories theorem (IQLPSTT)

From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (valle@servidor.unam.mx)
Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 13:56:29 EDT

Gerald_A_Levy wrote:

> There has been much discussion on OPE-L aboutwhether Marx's theory of
> value is internallyconsistent and logical. I don't want to re-hash
> thosearguments here. Rather I want to ask the following: * _even if_
> Marx's theory of value (and/or variations  thereof) are shown to be
> logically coherent and  consistent, what does that tell us? In other
> words:  so what? I believe it can be easily demonstrated that thereare
> potentially: a) an infinite quantity of social theories which
> arelogically implausible and inconsistent; AND b) an infinite quantity
> of logically plausible socialtheories. I will call b) the "infinite
> quantity of logically plausiblesocial theories theorem" (IQLPSTT). Any
> reader of *science fiction* knows the validityof the IQLPSTT. Once we
> accept the validity of the IQLPSTT, wemust recognize that if it can be
> shown that atheory is logically plausible and consistent,the merit of
> any one of this set of theories cannot be judged based on this alone.
> Indeed, itonly establishes a trivial result.

About this point:

1. The Marxian concept of truth is not logical coherence but practice.
Roger Garudy and many others have discussed this point.

2. IQLPSTT is in some way illustrated by Geometry: there are many
logical coherent geometry's. Hence, even in Math, logical coherence is
not enough to construct useful theories. This point and other supporting
I (maybe M for many could be more reasonable) QLPSTT could be find in:
Kline Morris(1980). The Loss of Certainty. New York: Oxford University

saludos cordiales

Alejandro Valle Baeza

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