[OPE-L:5639] the infinite regression critique

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Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 08:48:04 EDT

Re: [OPE-L:5636] Re: Re: Re: Howards [5578] PeculiaritRe Rakesh's 5637-38:

>>> (From 5637):
I think Ajit is saying that  Hegelian (sic) value theory has no answer to Joan Robinson's challenge (dubbed the infinite regression critique by Carchedi):
"the constant capital was produced in the past by labour time working with then pre-existing constant capital and so on, ad infinitum backwards. It therefore cannot be reduced simply to a number of labour hours that can be added to the net value of the current year. And there is no advantage in doing so." quoted in Carchedi, 1990, p. 96.<<<

Do you (and others) agree (or disagree) with
Mino's answer  (and counter-challenge)  to "the
infinite regression critique" advanced by Robinson?
Why (or why not)?

What other answers have been offered in the
literature to the "infinite regression critique"?

In solidarity, Jerry

Reference: Guglielmo (Mino) Carchedi _Frontiers
of Political Economy_, London, Verso, 1991

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