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On Mon, 14 May 2001, you wrote:

> The last I remember was Fred reproducing an equation for 
> aggregate value added put forward by Geert and Michael:
> Y=mL
> where
> Y: aggregate value added
> m: monetary expression of labour
> L: abstract labour time
> It seems that, according to value-form theory, Y and mL are on a 
> par and *mutually determine* one another. Indeed it maybe that the 
> left hand side of the equation dominates the right hand side [if 'form 
> determination' is taken in a quantitative as well as qualitative 
> sense]. That being so, the *magnitude* of value added is not, in 
> any sense, explained by reference to the magnitude of abstract 
> labour. Rather, we need further specification of how 'mutual 
> determination' occurs before we have a quantitative 
> theory/explanation at all. 

Note that this is a pretty trivial matter since it relates to
aggregate price and aggregate labour. Marx concerns himself
with the much more interesting issue of relative prices and
relative labour contents.

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