[OPE-L:5474] absolute surplus value: the nemesis of OPE-L?

From: Gerald_A_Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@email.msn.com)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 12:18:04 EDT

As we know, most members of OPE-L are
academics who work in colleges. For those
who work at private universities and who
constitute a part of the productive labor force, 
have you experienced an increase in exploitation
recently and has this then affected the quantity of
"free time" that you have which has in turn led
to diminished time for participating in OPE-L?

Most of the labor of college instructors takes place
outside of the classroom, right?  Assume your
"contact time" (i.e. in-class time) has remained
constant. Hasn't there been an increase in your
"non-contact" time?  E.g. are you spending more
time in your office? (and are expanded office hours
required by management or do you voluntarily
agree to expand your working hours?)
Are you spending more time correcting exams?
(was this also voluntarily undertaken?) Are you on
more committees now and has that expanded
your weekly hours of work? Is that mandated
or voluntary?  How many days a week are you
on campus? (has that expanded)?

Are all of the above activities productive of 
surplus value? Or are some unproductive activities?

To the extent that there has been an increase in 
working hours per day and per week, can't we
conceive of this as an increase in absolute
surplus value? What are you doing (e.g. through
your trade union) to combat this increased
exploitation? Are you joining forces and solidarizing
with other workers who aren't faculty in the 

Is part of your increased exploitation a result of
increased class size?  Have you agreed to
any "over-tallies" or have you resisted an increase
in your exploitation? Have you joined forces with
students demanding smaller classes (and 
consequentluy more faculty)?

We are agreed that faculty at private universities
are exploited, aren't we? What about faculty at
public universities?

In solidarity, Jerry

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